Sun Re-Block Multi Duty Spray

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What is this ?

- Kanaa Sun Re-Block spray , from natural pure and organic ingredients.

- This is a new sun protection concept and technology. A safe and healthy multi duty solution.


- A healthy pre-makeup Primer.

- Pre- makeup sun protection

- After makeup application glowing sealer without the silicone 

- soothing and cooling to re-block the harmful sun rays on top of your makeup

- Unisex and easy to use for men and young men.

- healthy and full of nutrients and antioxidants to fight free radicals and toxins.

- soothing, calming and cooling ingredients.

- drys clear and without purple or achy white hues.

- Plumping and firming due to it's natural healthy ingredients.


Unisex  skin types even sensitive skin, 16 years and up.

When & How?

- 20-30 minutes before sun exposure, before and/or after makeup and every 2 hours of sun exposure. Sake well, spray 4 spray in the palm of your hands then just apply on your face and neck without massaging, just a feathery surface touch.


shake bottle well, spray on your clean hands and then gently apply to your skin with a soft feathery touch.

 In it:

organic Aloe Vera juice, Skin Balancing pure waters, Lavandula angustifolia Organic Chamomile extract water, *Tri Myrgama super Botanica extract, American Hamamelis Virginiana organic extract water , Organic Jasmine extract water, Botanical Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Chamaemelum nobile, Metricaria Chamomilla, Turmeric root powder, CurcuminoidsTurmeric extract,Curcuma Zedoaria, Organic premium Rose petals water,  Melaleuca alternifolia water , Organic high grade T Tree extract.

Never in it:

Cruelty, Parabens, Toxins, Child Labor, harm to your skin or the Environment.