Collagen Rush + Serum

Kanaa by Alyaa

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What is this?

- This is Your topical collagen injections in a bottle. Yupp, you read that right! this thing is so effective!, it's not even funny. your skin will love it and will smile right back at you, this is your face loving, healing repairing, plumping,  softening, and plumping potion. Your partner should use it too! it will be fun when both of you look gorgeous!... your son, your daughter, not only your mom but your dad too and your only very good friend, the one who's really nice, because this serum is the real deal, it's soo soothing and kind to your skin you'll love it the first moment they touch and it will continue to amaze you if you continue to let it do it's thing just every day effortlessly.

How the magic happens?

It's oil free full of Peptides, Collagen, vitamins, Antioxidants, emollients, protecting agents, skin repair and cell growth agents, Pure Silk and organic pure exotic flowers  presented in small molecules penetrate your skin, seal it without clogging your pores and start doing their magic silently and with high efficacy.

Your skin type!

- This KANAA Serum discriminates against no one, it's a true darling. It's effective on all skin types including sensitive and fragile skin, Rosacea and Oncology skin.


 Which Skin?

- All skin types including sensitive skin, oily, Cystic Acne', dull, discolored skin, fragile skin. Rosacea, Oncology skin, young fatigued skin, mature skin.


Mornings, evenings, before and after environmental exposure, post waxing, post threading, post Dermaplaning.


Apply three pumps in the morning, the evening, after sun exposure and whenever skin healing and repair is needed.

In it:

Aloe barbadensis var,Aloe Vera extract, Aloe perfoliata var, Pure Soft Healing Aqua, Hyaluronic Acid, Hyaluronate, Collagen Peptides Complex, Aminopeptidase , Carboxypeptidase, Silk Amino Acid, Arginine Peptides, Complex Peptides, French Lavender extract, Lavandula angustifolia, Lamiaceae, Lavandula stoechas, ,Chamazulene, Chamomile Extract, Anthemis arvensis, Macaronesia, Canary Islands Chamomile Matricaria Commiphora molmol,* Tri Myrgama super Botanica extract, Ferula, Ferulic Acid, Cladanthus mixtus pure extract.

Never in it:

Cruelty, Parabens, Toxins,Synthetics, Child Labor, Harm to your skin or the Environment.