2 Rivers Day hydrating Souffle'


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What is this?- Inspired by the 2 Rivers Nile, its purity, generosity, and benefits.

- This is a multi task super hydrating day time pure and healthy moisturizer.

- It looks and feels like a souffle', very light and fluffy yet highly hydrating.

- Full of Antioxidants, nutrients, hydrating and protective agents.


* Hydrating 

* Protecting

* Balancing and bacteria fighting

* moisturizing and doesn't clog your pores

* Plumping and firming.

Which Skin?

- All skin types, Unisex, Ages 16+

When? Morning and day time 


Scoop a full mini Kanaa spoon and apply on your entire face including around your eyes, neck and decollete area, add more if needed to enjoy a protected skin through out the day. 

In it:

Alkaline pure aqua, Aloe Vera natural juice, Lavender French extract, Moroccan Chamomile extract, Chamomile extract, Witch Hazel extract, Colloidal Oats extract, Kanaa pure super botanical Trio complex, H.A., Collagen, Peptides, Silk Amino Acids, Natural Preservative, T Tree extract, Mint extract, Eucalyptus extract, Xanthan Gum Extract, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Oxide.

 Never in it:

Cruelty, Toxins, Parabens, Silicon, Child labor, harm to your skin or the Environment.