Our Story

“Being a native female of the Ancient Kingdom of Nubia I inherited a Chocolate skin tone, but I noticed that there’s no skin products for dark Skin Tones types in the US except for few (bleaching) synthetic creams. I decided to study skin because I wanted to understand my own. I also made studies in Aromatherapy in addition to Natural Human Energy & Healing. When I was practicing being a Certified Skin Therapist, I had an impressive clientele whom became very interested and satisfied with the formulas I design for their specific needs and were impressed with their phenomenal results. My clients, my close family and friends who have different skin types and tones thought that my products were awesome and that they were the best that worked for them without negative side effects at all. With the grace of continuous family, friends and client’s encouragement I became determined that there must be a clean honest and results-oriented skin line for rich skin tones with all the wide range of these beautiful tones, from ivory fair to ebony dark. With this solid determination! the God gifted natural know how for beauty balance and perfection, my inherited beauty secrets from my mom as her only daughter, the African beauty secrets I'm fortunate to possess, the international beauty knowledge I am privileged with specially from the Mediterranean and Asia, the Skin & Wellness education, the intensive research and burning passion for skin healthy perfection and wellness in addition to living in the heart of the capital of Technology!   Kanaa Rich skin tones skin care line was born.”

- Alyaa Taha